New Raised Garden Bed Excitement Continues…

Only a few weeks in creation and happy rows of baby vegetable plants are forming in my new raised garden bed.

There are rows of baby beet plants, mixed lettuce, a few sweet 100 tomato plants, some dwarf beans, raspberry canes in the background, and one or two basil babies.  With the new spring warmth and wet they are getting going fast.

Happy Rows of Mixed Lettuce
New Order and Possibility in the Garden

Save Money and Be Healthy : Grow Your Own Organic Vegetables

Raised Garden Bed or Container Garden : Grow Your Own Food

Healthy living is more than just about what you eat.  How about the aspects of slowing down, connecting with the earth, listening to the birds and creating your own organic vegetable garden?  The joy of DIY sure beats the rising prices in the shops.

Here are a few tips to start or upgrade your patch:

  • You can collect seeds from the veges you already have in your fridge…. dry them out and plant them.
  • Look for treasure in your garden…self or bird seeded plants can be relocated to your vege patch. I found a strawberry plant amongst my roses one day…it has become two strawberry plants now as it grew to dividable stage.  Also a tomato plant was found alongside my shasta daisies…it has taken over a corner of my raised garden bed, is braving the frosts and I look forward to early tomatoes.
  • Ask a neighbour for seeds and seedlings….have a coffee together.
  • Ask a friend…they may be pleased you are finally taking interest in their vege patch.
  • Being a little warmer this morning than it has been…I was inspired to weed my raised garden bed.  I found two ripe and ready cocktail tomatoes.  The silver beet is robust!

Grow Your Own Organic Vegetables

Why not start your own organic vegetable garden right in your back yard? This will provide you and your family with organic vegetables nearly all year round at a MUCH lower price than you would ever hope to pay at a grocery store. Many seeds can be purchased at your local garden store that will produce more vegetables than you or family will probably even need for the season for only the cost of the seeds which is usually less then $1.00!

Not only is buying and growing your own organic vegetables cheaper than purchasing organic vegetables in the store it is cheaper than buying non-organic vegetables! Overtime you will realize that growing organic vegetables in your home or outside of your home is even cheaper than purchasing canned or frozen vegetables each month. You and your family will be eating healthier while saving a great deal of money. There is even the chance of making money if you have neighbors, friends, or other family members that would like to buy fresh produce from you.

With all these things in mind you might be wondering why everyone on the planet isn’t growing their own organic vegetables. The answer to that is simple. Many people just do not know how to grow organically.

Many people that do have experience gardening at home are used to growing with the help of chemicals such as weed killers, pesticides, insecticides, and chemically enhanced fertilizers. It is hard for people who have already been growing this way for awhile to recognize the benefits of growing organically.

Those who have never grown vegetables before are nervous about trying because growing your own vegetables can seem like an ambitious venture especially if you have no experience. Still, a lack of gardening or organic gardening experience is no longer a reason to give up the idea of starting your own organic vegetable garden. There is a way to successfully start your own vegetable garden with no experience.

Find out everything you need to know to grow your own organic vegetables from this little Ebook:

Jim French is an author and publisher. He lives in the garden city of Melbourne, Australia, and enjoys his organic vegetable garden with his family.

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