Winter Vegetable Garden Report.

Winter Flower Delight.

Hello from the middle of winter.

If you think I am going to spend lots of time in my garden at this time of year…think again!  No I don’t like the cold weather much or the wind straight up from Antarctica.

However, I do like “feeding” my DIY compost bins and when I last turned the compost over I was delighted to find huge numbers of worms and other life doing their thing for me.

The pumpkins have been cropped.

The tidy rows of spinach and carrots are very satisfying in their raised garden bed.


Pumpkin Harvest
Carrots and Spinach All In a Row.
Broad Bean Flowers...a Promise of Things to Come.

Roll on Spring!


DIY Compost Bin

I have been so excited with the new addition to our garden…a new compost bin!

A mixture of pine and douglas fir/oregon I am told.  My wonderful man made it for us.  It is of a good height so that we can get a spade in to it easily to turn the growing heap.  And it is dismantleable when it comes time to dig out and distribute the compost treasure.  There happened to be a concrete slab under it…great for clearing it with the spade.  I hope it will be “connected” to the earth enough…time will tell.

DIY Compost Bin
New Compost Beginnings
New compost bin settles in alongside the raised garden bed with tomatoes.

The tomatoes in the raised garden bed are growing vigorously and setting fruit….all is well.

Watch this space for some tips on making compost.