Rain, Rain in the Garden

Lovely solid rain is giving all the veges in their raised garden beds and containers a good soaking.

Even the runaway pumpkin vine is forming two small pumpkins so far.  The tomatoes have started turning red and we have been enjoying a few each day of late.  The compost mix is getting “thick, rich and creamy” with layers of goodies from the kitchen as well as efforts from the horses.

Out of the tangle of tomato vine a pepper plant is emerging and has a couple of small peppers forming.  The zuchini plant has paused on production so I am hoping that some fertilizer and this good rain will encourage it to come back to work.

I planted a few more baby beet seeds last week as these were very successful and much enjoyed.  Now that I have learnt that the young leaves are tasty too,  I will be on to them early.

Last week we enjoyed a meal out  with friends at their house.  Amongst the home grown vege were some yummy carrots.  I have been inspired to plant a few ASAP.

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