My How They’ve Grown

Wow Those veges have grown!

I have had a few days incapacitated, but one of the joys of getting better again is racing out to the vege patch and reconnecting with my babies.  And my how they’ve grown.  Even a beginner vegetable grower will quickly get attached to the joys of tending their charges.  Even when you are not watching…guess what??…those veges just carry on doing their thing.

here are some pics of the developments….

Beginner Vegetable Garden in Raised Garden Bed...My How They've Grown..
Zuchinis are coming soon to my raised garden bed...
Tomato Plants in my Raised Garden Bed

The baby beets are happy and the lettuces are all snuggled up together.  Flowers on the tomato plants are encouraging.  Zuchini babies are forming at the base of the plant.  The silver beet on the far right are going to seed.

Happy Little Rose...keeps the veges happy
Hard to Resist a Rose


So these aren’t veges…but it’s hard to resist sharing the roses.  I guess you could use the petals for rose jelly…or just enjoy them in the moment.

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