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By the inch it’s a cinch..

time for an update??…well it is bucketing down with rain today and I’m not going out in it!

On Monday though, the sun shone and I was out and weeded the raised garden bed!  So much easier than it used to be.  Also cleared a new patch for another raised bed to be built.  At least with this rain it will be easy digging to put the posts in.

I did a little job that had been in the planning for sometime…a trip to the beach with a plastic bag to collect some seaweed.  After a bit of a wash with the hose, I placed the seaweed in a bucket of water and placed an old pot saucer on top.  Leaving this in the garden…as it breaks down I will be able to take off some of the fluid, dilute it, and fertilize the vege patch.  Very economical and effective, and walk on the beach was great.

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