Latest News from the New Raised Vegetable Bed

Well the spring growth has been inspiring enough for any beginner vegetable grower!

Here is an updated view of the new raised vegetable bed.

Inspiration for beginner vegetable growers

See how things have grown!

Front left is the patch of baby beets. Lettuces are front middle, then dwarf beans…and continuing around anti-clockwise…tomatoes are starting to need support hence the strings, raspberry canes line the back.  There is one cucumber plant and one courgette.

Can you see the renegade pumpkin growing by the lawn at the front of the bed??

Growing Outside of the Square

I couldn’t bring myself to squash up those tomato plants any more so popped a few in in front of the Dublin Bay rose….along with a few spinach plants and some coriander.

Further view of both vegetable beds...
Close up of Courgette or cucumber...I'll have to go outside and check...

The other day I called in on a friend and she loaded up the back of my car with boxes of recycled/untreated timber shavings…and then I sprinkled some sheep manure pellets for good measure.  I don’t think these veges can complain about their treatment.

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