Growing Your Own Organic Vegetables….Hot Topic


This week an article in the New Zealand Herald newspaper reported that it is ‘trendy and hip’ to have raised garden beds and to plant in containers. Do not forget the compost and mulch we were urged. Raised beds are considered

• Ergonomic
• Great for keeping out small children and dogs

Cats are another story…We are told not to worry if our vegetable patches are not as lush and neat as the photos in the glossy magazines. Do your tomato plants look like the latest ground cover?

Like anything – for perfectionists and procrastinators -JUST DO IT – and perfect as you go!

In the Huffington Post I discovered a new word. LOCOVORE seems to mean someone who eats locally grown food. There was a discussion about

• “ethics” of eating locally rather than supporting energy-sapping transportation of food across many miles.
• Energy efficiency
• Supporting more ecological farming practices
• Reduction of excess packaging
• Avoidance of pesticides and other toxins
• Greater connection and accountability regarding more humane treatment of livestock and workers
• Supporting local community had a discussion about fruit trees in your garden. Regarding overwhelming bounty…give it away not only to friends and family as suggested…what about the local retirement village, foodbank or school? Bottle, jam, stew and freeze…it is a lot of work on a hot summer’s night…get your friends around? Ask your local garden centre for best growing tips for your area – regarding soil, climate, fertilizers etc.

A couple of days ago while visiting a yoga studio in Hawaii I started to converse with an older lady who had come to a class that was about to start. She spontaneously wanted to share with me about “a very interesting article that she had just read…” about opening up more land locally for people to lease small lots to grow their own food. Well, that was a sign post to me that this is a HOT TOPIC!

This lovely lady went on to talk about the need for us to return to more natural ways of GROWING OUR OWN FOOD.

Ecological Gardening is defined as growing food using scientific ecological principles.Natural ecosystems are very diverse with lots of intricate interdependent relationships existing between all components. That is to say the interconnectedness of all things is a necessary part of the system’s sustainability. Any discourse on Quantum Physics will remind us that nature will fill any voids. Keep on planting or be forever pulling weeds.Ecological gardening combines natural weed management, soil ecology and crop management. It is very easy and requires minimal time and effort.

Sally Dutton has degrees in both Marine Biology and Chiropractic. She loves to share knowledge about being healthy and healthy lifestyle practices.

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