Garden Bounty

Earlier this week I collected this garden bounty….grown in my own backyard!

Most of it from my raised garden bed.

Here is a pic of the bounty…and yes…hasn’t the grass dried off.

Garden Bounty..Grown in My Own Backyard

Baby beets, dwarf beans, spinach, coriander, parsley, my first courgette, chives and vietnamese mint.  It all went together to make a yummy soup.

More baby beets are ready for harvest, and today I cropped another, larger zhuccini.  Just as I was returning from taking out the compost this morning..a rather urgent and close-sounding tweet was heard.  On the back deck was sitting a beautiful tourquoise budgie!!!

It didn’t take long before he or she was eating grass seed from a stem.  I tried to catch it but to no avail…off it flew into the neighbour’s garden.  I do hope it returns,….

Budgie Visitor in the Garden
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