DIY Compost Bins are Replicating??

A second DIY compost bin has happily been installed in the vege garden. Just along from the raised garden beds…

it is already attracting easy use as I can trim dead leaves and other debris from my nearby patch and drop it straight in.

A Second DIY Compost Bin Settles in Alongside the Raised Garden Beds
Pumpkin Flower in the Vege Patch

I am paying attention to the idea of having layers of “green” waste and “brown”/dry vege material. Also a sprinkling of lime is beneficial, as is a sprinkle of water, a little soil and the vege waste from the kitchen.

All in all a delicious concoction is forming. Last night at the horse paddock I gathered a few droppings and have soaked them overnight in a bucket. Tonight the tomato plants will be watered with the liquid and I will add the manure to the compost pile.

DIY Compost Bins are Replicating in the Vege Garden
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