Save Money and Be Healthy : Grow Your Own Organic Vegetables

Raised Garden Bed or Container Garden : Grow Your Own Food

Healthy living is more than just about what you eat.  How about the aspects of slowing down, connecting with the earth, listening to the birds and creating your own organic vegetable garden?  The joy of DIY sure beats the rising prices in the shops.

Here are a few tips to start or upgrade your patch:

  • You can collect seeds from the veges you already have in your fridge…. dry them out and plant them.
  • Look for treasure in your garden…self or bird seeded plants can be relocated to your vege patch. I found a strawberry plant amongst my roses one day…it has become two strawberry plants now as it grew to dividable stage.  Also a tomato plant was found alongside my shasta daisies…it has taken over a corner of my raised garden bed, is braving the frosts and I look forward to early tomatoes.
  • Ask a neighbour for seeds and seedlings….have a coffee together.
  • Ask a friend…they may be pleased you are finally taking interest in their vege patch.
  • Being a little warmer this morning than it has been…I was inspired to weed my raised garden bed.  I found two ripe and ready cocktail tomatoes.  The silver beet is robust!

Winter Vegetable Garden Report.

Winter Flower Delight.

Hello from the middle of winter.

If you think I am going to spend lots of time in my garden at this time of year…think again!  No I don’t like the cold weather much or the wind straight up from Antarctica.

However, I do like “feeding” my DIY compost bins and when I last turned the compost over I was delighted to find huge numbers of worms and other life doing their thing for me.

The pumpkins have been cropped.

The tidy rows of spinach and carrots are very satisfying in their raised garden bed.


Pumpkin Harvest
Carrots and Spinach All In a Row.
Broad Bean Flowers...a Promise of Things to Come.

Roll on Spring!


DIY Keyhole Garden


DIY Keyhole Garden Made With Local Materials

Recently we had a local Sustainable Living Show.  One of the most inspiring and easily achievable garden additions was the Keyhole Garden.


DIY Keyhole Garden Made With Local Materials












A keyhole garden has been used in East Africa to provide food for families all year round including during the three month dry period.

It is a garden circular in shape, with a hollow central column.  This is traditionally  made of a loose-weave basket into which foodscraps, manure and greywater are tipped.

The ‘Keyhole” is the access path to the central compost heap.

Around the outer slope, vegetables are planted and mulched to prevent water loss.

Due to the shortage of water, only greywater is used to water the garden by tipping it into the central compost column.  Instead of watering on the surface and having a lot of water lost through evaporation, the water will drain through the soil, below the topsoil, thus watering from underneath.

As the water is percolating through the soil it is taking nutrients from the compost column with it and so as well as watering it is enriching the soil directly adjacent to the roots of plants.  Insects and earthworms love this system and happily play their roles.

You can make your keyhole garden out of freely-available local materials.

For example, being near the beach, the photos show that driftwood has been used for the column and the edge.  Also, wire mesh has been used rather than the traditional woven basket.

Plant around the circle according to the hemisphere in which you live.  That is, in the Southern Hemisphere…..put sun-loving vegetable plants facing north and shade-loving ones facing south.

Let me know if you make your own DIY Keyhole vege garden.

Raised Garden Beds With a Wonderful View


Fabulous View From Raised Garden Bed

Lush Basil Crop in Organic Vege Raised Garden Bed

Pumpkin in Raised Garden Bed

A few days ago I was visiting friends and took these photos of their abundant organic vegetable growth in their raised garden beds. Now if you were a spring onion in this homemade raised garden bed, and had a view like this…wouldn’t you be honour-bound to grow as well as you could?

Lush Growth in Raised Vegetable Garden Bed